A Full Life

from destruction to recovery and all the worlds therein …

The Loss of Anger

"I never get angry. I grow a tumor instead." -Woody Allen As a child in the nineties, I idolized women who were angry and restless and lived to write and sing their fury. Fiona Apple, Gwen Stefani, Erykah Badu, Alanis Morrissette, Lauryn... Continue Reading →


Dian Fossey, famous zoologist and anthropologist, who spent an extensive amount of time studying gorillas in their natural habitat, came to understand that the best way to approach the magnificent creatures was without weapons of any kind. It was a... Continue Reading →

Another, 1

"In each of us there is another whom we do not know." Carl Jung You must write every day to save your life. if you do not, your mind will get the best of you. You will think these dark... Continue Reading →

Savor It All

"Savoring" is trending right now as part of mindfulness work, meaning that if we can spend just a few more seconds each day really taking in and delighting in that which is pleasant - the sun on our face, laughing with... Continue Reading →


When I was seventeen, I got black out drunk on New Years Eve and found myself in a precarious sexual encounter with a man who I thought was my friend. I went numb after. It was 2003. Endless tequila shots by... Continue Reading →

The Highest Value

I've been thinking quite a bit about values lately and what matters most to me deep in my guts. What am I on this earth for? What is actually important? How meaningful are the things that sometimes seem worthwhile but that... Continue Reading →

A Journey of Beliefs Pt. 1

Universal Stories Belief and meaning, (and it is by believing that we derive meaning and discovering meaning that further deepens our beliefs) play a significant role in the continuous development of the human at the psychological and spiritual level. We,... Continue Reading →

The Circus

"This is the circus. Everybody's trying to not go home."   To be human is to be a social creature, and it is an endless adventure and collection of lessons to interact with other beings and establish relationship. I have... Continue Reading →

Cool Shoes

Sometimes all it takes is a pair of shoes to shift everything. In fifth grade, my supremely cool step-mom took me to see Clueless and then proceeded to whirlwind me around Westside Pavilion on a shopping spree to mimic the far... Continue Reading →

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